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Kazakhstan government introduced interdiction on export of wheat till September 1, 2008 - Prime Minister

Astana. April 15. Kazakhstan Today - The government of Kazakhstan has introduced interdiction on export of wheat for the period till September 1, 2008, till new crop, the agency reports referring to the prime minister's press service. " the government accepted the decision on introduction of interdiction on export of grain of wheat, without restriction of export of flour for the period till September 1, 2008, till new crop at the government session of the Republic of Kazakhstan on April 15, 2008," the message widespread by the press service of the prime minister of Kazakhstan states. "The basis for this decision was the necessity of maintenance of food security of the country, non-admission of negative consequences for the domestic market in conditions of rise in prices in the world grain market and deficit of food grain in the world," the document informs. According to the government, paces of export of Kazakhstan grain have reached a record level - more than 1.1 - 1.4 million tons monthly. "Since the crop of 2007, more than 8 million tons of grain has been exported taking into account flour in grain equivalent and volumes of shipments have come nearer to the level of originally planned export potential of the country that makes about 9 million tons," the press service specifies. "As of April, 10, 2008, availability of grain in the country makes 8.1 million tons, including grain ration - 4.7 million tons," the document added.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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