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Kazakhstans occupies 89 place in rating of "weaknesses" of developing countries

Almaty. April 22. Kazakhstan Today - Kazakhstan occupies 89 place in the rating of "weaknesses" of the developing countries. The rating of "weaknesses" of developing countries was published in the beginning of April by the Research Center of Brookings Institution (USA) states. According to the research, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan have appeared on the 35 and 36 places accordingly on the list of 141 states of the world. Two Central Asian countries rich in hydrocarbons have been ranked as, according to the American Research Center, the weakest states of the region, which is connected, first of all, with bad quality of management and authoritative political climate. For comparison: the list is headed by Somalia and Afghanistan. The other Central Asian Republics - Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are on 89 and 73 places. The data are based on social and economic indices and political climate in each country, overall performance of their authorities, their openness and accountability practices. The local observers, interviewed by NBCA, agree with such an estimation of foreign experts, indicating low standard of living, lack of political freedoms and corruption of officials in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. NBCA - IWPR project on creation of multilingual service of the news analysis and comments on the Central Asian states with participation of a broad range of observers in the region. The project was carried out on August 2006 - September 2007.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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