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Ministry of Finance published list of subsoil users - exporters of oil subject to customs duties

Astana. May 19. Kazakhstan Today - Kazakhstan republican budget income in 2008 will make 2729.7 billion KZT with growth as compared to the ratified budget for 29.9 billion KZT. The Minister of Economy and Budgetary Planning Bakhyt Sultanov informed in Astana at the government meeting on Friday, the agency reports. According to the Minister, receipt of taxes of oil sector to the National fund as compared to the previous forecast will increase by more than 400 billion KZT and, following the results of the year, total volume of its assets will make 4 trillion KZT ($32.8 billion). "Decrease of the forecast of the budget income from non-oil sector by 260.2 billion KZT will be compensated by receipt of export customs duty on oil and oil bitumen for 159.9 billion KZT and additional volume of assured transfer from the national fund for 120 billion KZT." According to B. Sultanov, specified expenditures of the republican budget are expected to be at the size of 3064.1 billion KZT, or with growth as compared to the ratified budget for 153.1 billion KZT. The minister specified that "to stimulate consumer demand for growth of business investment activity, solution of a number of regional problems requires additional allocation of 200.1 billion KZT."

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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