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Government developed bill on social enterprise corporations

Astana. May 26. Kazakhstan Today - Kazakhstan government developed the bill on social enterprise corporations. Vice Minister of Industry and Commerce Edil Mamytbekov informed on Friday during the round table - Social Industrial Corporation as the Basis of Development of the Region, the agency reports. "The government developed the bill on social enterprise corporations to further maintain effective functioning of social industrial corporations," E. Mamytbekov said. He explained that the bill regulates peculiarities of creation, functioning, reorganization and liquidation of social industrial corporations. The order of their cooperation with the state bodies has been defined through advisory body- specialized council." "The essential part of the bill is the mechanism of transfer of state property, land and the right to subsoil use," Vice Minister noted. "The mechanism of accumulation of financial resources of social industrial corporations has been created in the form of corporate social fund as the noncommercial legal entity to maintain legislative regulation of the mechanism of distribution of profit of social industrial corporations and its further investment in social projects," E. Mamytbekov explained. Thus, he emphasized "the bill regulates target orientation of the fund resources." According to Vice Minister, the bill is being coordinated by the state bodies, the office of the Prime Minister and administration of the president.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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