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Volume of Tengiz deposit oil extraction to reach 25 million tons - Nazarbayev

Atyrau. June 5. Kazakhstan Today - Next year volume of oil extraction in Tengiz deposit will reach 25 million tons. The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev informed today during the ceremony of commissioning of the projects of expansion of Tengiz capacities, the agency reports. "Owing to new project and expansion of capacities, oil extraction will be increased by 5 million tons and next year will reach 25 million tons," N. Nazarbayev said. According to the press service of Chevron Company, within the projects of expansion of industrial capacities, the project of pumping of crude gas and factory of the second generation will be put into operation. "Pumping of crude gas provides delivery of gas back to a layer at very high pressure to increase efficiency of oil productivity, the factory of the second generation provides separation of natural gas for pumping as well as stabilization and desulfurization of crude oil," Chevron press release informs. "The project has been realized at the best world level in regards to safety precautions. The sum of $ 2 billion has been directed for purchase of Kazakhstan goods and services," Director of Eurasian branch Chevron Jay Johnson said. According to the company, additional objects of the factory are planned to be commissed to further increase average daily manufacture at Tengiz up to 540 thousand barrels of oil." "Starting and adjustment works on the objects of the factory of the second generation are planned to be finished in the second half of 2008," the press release specified.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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