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EBRD representatives, JP Morgan consider influence of world crisis on Kazakhstan economy insignificant

Astana. June 6. Kazakhstan Today - Representatives of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and JP Morgan consider influence of world crisis on Kazakhstan economy rather insignificant. EBRD chairman Jean Lemer and vice chairman of Investment Banking of JP Morgan Robin Renwick informed upon the end of the bilateral meeting with Nursultan Nazarbayev, the agency reports. "Consequences of influence of world crisis on Kazakhstan economy are very insignificant. The economy of Kazakhstan is very strong, there is no lack of foreign investments and confidence of foreign investors in the future of Kazakhstan," R. Renwick said. We think that Kazakhstan will continue to develop successfully and, despite of difficulties that the country faces, I think, the situation will be resolved peacefully," he added. "In the near future, we will make official announcements regarding new projects, in particular, the projects in the field of resources," JP Morgan representative concluded. J. Lemer noted that "the situation developed in banking sector of the Republic, has been regulated." "During the meeting with the President of the country we talked about the future that can be here, in Kazakhstan, including investments into infrastructure, private sector, manufacture of electric power that will develop economy and create new workplaces," EBRD chairman said. "Last year we invested to Kazakhstan nearly 1 billion dollars and we hope to reach higher parameters in the future," J. Lemer noted.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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