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Prices of foodstuffs will not increase in Kazakhstan - Nazarbayev

Astana. June 18. Kazakhstan Today - The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev guarantees there will be no rise of prices for food stuffs and deficit of food. The leader of the state made the statement, following the results of the working meeting with the management and government members on Tuesday, the agency reports referring to telechannel Habar. The leader of the state said "there are different rumors about big increase of prices for essential commodities, especially for foodstuffs. "They say after celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the capital, we will have increase of prices, etc. These are absolutely unreasonable, unconfirmed, false rumors. No one should trust them," he said. We will not have any shocks or food deficit. I officially declare this to all," N. Nazarbayev emphasized. "The country has food reserve of the basic articles of food: butter, sugar, milk, rice and meat. We have limited export of goods which we need for ourselves," the President explained. "Secondly, all the regions have formed stabilization funds of grain and flour sufficient till the next crop," he added. "The state has recently reconsidered its budget, having introduced in the Parliament increase in the social part of amendments of the budget by 30 billion KZT." "Base pensions, grants and social benefits have been increased. In connection with inflation we help poor part of the population," he emphasized.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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