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Food self-sufficiency of Kazakhstan makes 67 - 75 % - Adilet

Almaty. August 1. Kazakhstan Today - Food self-sufficiency of Kazakhstan makes 67 - 75 %. The First Vice President of Democratic Party Adilet, Tolegen Sydyhov, stated during the press conference on Thursday, the agency reports. "Countries, which import of foodstuffs exceeds 16 % of domestic needs, are most subject to food crises," T. Sydyhov emphasized. "If import of a certain type of product makes 20 % of the volume of domestic manufacture, this production is likely to face stagnation. If this figure reaches 60 %, manufacture will completely stop. "According to the forecasts of the leading analytical agencies, deficit of food in the world markets will remain, at least, till 2009, continuing to put pressure upon prices," the First Vice President of Adilet Party said. According to Director of Department of Agriculture and Ecology of Democratic Party Adilet, Atamurat Shamenov, self-sufficiency of demands for the basic food stuffs in Kazakhstan is low. "Manufacture of meat, poultry and by-products in Kazakhstan in 2007 was 846 thousand tons and demand - more than 1 million," he said. "Tinned meat production: demand - 72 thousand tons and manufacture - only 45 thousand tons. Self-sufficiency makes only 52 %. Fish - 59 %, vegetables - 23 %, fruits and other processed tinned products - 17 %, vegetable oil - 81 %, dairy products - 76 %. Only parameters of flour and groats are twice as much, but self-sufficiency of bakery products reaches only 55 %, sugar - 75 %, and chocolate and confectionery products - 50 %," A. Shamenov said.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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