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Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan suspended deliveries of oil to Afghanistan

Almaty. August 6. Kazakhstan Today - Temporarily suspension of oil deliveries from Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to Afghanistan has led to sharp increase of prices for mineral oil in the country, the agency reports referring to According to the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Afghanistan, 70 % of volume of all oil deliveries in the country is exported from the three above-mentioned countries. According to the message, the reason of suspension of oil deliveries - beginning of the harvest season that has led to sharp increase of demand in the domestic markets of Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The Ministry, however, hopes that oil delivery from Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan will be resumed in September. Now gasoline AI-95 in Kabul costs about 55 afghani. Diesel fuel price has increased as well. According to the message, the problem of deficit of mineral oil in the Afghani market was discussed during the government session of the country on August 4. The authorities of Afghanistan are studying an opportunity of allocation of additional resources for purchase of mineral oil in Pakistan and Iran. $1 = 50.07 afghani

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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