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India and Kazakhstan weakened restrictions on export of agricultural products

Almaty. September 8. Kazakhstan Today - The main countries - exporters of foodstuffs, including India and Kazakhstan, have weakened restrictions on export of agricultural products, in particular, on rice and wheat. This step has been made in order to overcome food crisis continuing for already a year, the agency reports referring to Financial Times. India declared on Thursday that it would allow export of high quality aromatic rice since the middle of October, however it has increased minimum price up to $1200 (836 euro) for a ton. This step became the first in weakening restrictions of export of the Indian rice since the country introduced export ban on rice in April. Kazakhstan, one of 10 largest exporters of wheat in the world, suspended its sale abroad in the end of April. The term of ban expired on Monday. The country introduced a new ban on export of soya. Earlier this year a number of trading restrictions - from Argentina that have forbidden export of soya and Russia that stopped shipments of wheat - has caused price increase on articles of food and caused panic purchase of goods by importers concerned by insufficient deliveries. Restrictions have been introduced to provide local markets. India and Kazakhstan have followed decisions of Vietnam, Ukraine and Russia to ease up or even remove their bans on export of agricultural products and to help to replenish global stocks of foodstuffs.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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