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Kazakhstan businessmen to construct in Klaipeda petro terminal with capacity of 6 million tons a year - RBC daily

Almaty. September 15. Kazakhstan Today - Kazakhstan businessmen plan to construct in Klaipeda oil terminal with capacity of 6 million tons a year. The Minister of Railways and Communications of Lithuania, Algirdas Butkyavichyus, informed in the interview to the Lithuanian TV, the agency reports referring to the daily newspaper RBC Daily. According to the edition, cost of construction of the terminal is estimated in $300 - 400 million. Lithuanian authorities promised to consider the proposal of the Kazakhstan party, however construction of the terminal requires introduction of amendments to the law on seaports. "Probably, Kazakhstan plans to deliver oil through oil pipeline Odessa - Brody - Plotsk and then through Mazheykyasky oil refining factory to the petro terminal in Klaipeda," V. Kryukov. However, in his opinion, it is a long way and an optimum variant - nevertheless to use the Russian routes of transportation. Lithuania will benefit from realization of this project, the analyst of Otkrytie finance corporation, Natalia Milchakova, considers. The terminal in Klaipeda port is not big - nearly 5.5 million tons. It requires modernization, therefore the offer of the foreign investor can be very timely, the expert considers. N. Milchakova considers that Kazakhstan, possibly, will coordinate these investments to purchase of 75 % of Mazeikiu Nafta. Mazeikiu Nafta - one of the largest oil companies of Lithuania. 53.7 % of shares of the company till May, 2006 belonged to Dutch affiliated company JuKoSa - Yukos International UK-BV, but was later sold for $1.492 billion to Polish oil company PKN Orlen (the deal was made in December, 2006). Lithuania government owns 40.66 % of shares.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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