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China to create network of logistical complexes facilitating cargo transportations with Central Asian countries

Almaty. September 18. Kazakhstan Today - Construction of 21 modern logistical complexes that will be components of the unified network should be completed by 2015 in various parts of Xinjiang-Uigur Autonomous Region of China. The work over the plan of creation of the network aimed at simplification of cargo transportations of Xinjiang-Uigur Autonomous Region with the neighboring regions of the country and Central Asian countries, has already come to an end. About 1 billion yuan ($147 million) is planned to be allocated for its realization, the agency reports referring to Xinhua agency. Modern logistical complexes will appear in the cities - Urumchi, Hami, Kurlya, Kashi (Kashgar), Kuytun, Inin and on check point Horgos. Their total area will make 2.12 million square meters. According to Transport Department of Xinjiang-Uigur Autonomous Region, creation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has given a powerful impulse to development of cooperation of China with the Central Asian countries. It, first of all, concerns Xinjiang that has had an opportunity to more actively realize its potential of its favorable geographical position. The important basis for development of the international logistics is that Xinjiang and the neighboring countries connect 54 transboundary lines of freight traffic. According to the plan, by 2015 Xinjiang will have a park of lorries with 280 thousand units. Cargoes from Urumchi to any destination point in radius of 1200 kilometers will be delivered within no more than for 24 hours.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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