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Government approved amendments to customs legislation

Astana. September 23. Kazakhstan Today - The government of Kazakhstan approved amendments to customs legislation. The Minister of Finance of Kazakhstan, Bolat Zhamishev, informed today at the government session, the agency reports. According to B. Zhamishev, according to the bill on introduction of amendments to some customs acts, the system of the integrated control will be introduced at automobile check points on the frontier of Kazakhstan . "It has been offered to introduce the integrated control in check points, as a result there will be two state bodies: boundary service and customs bodies," he explained. "Customs bodies will have other kinds of functions of state control: sanitary-quarantine, veterinary, fytosanitory and transport." "These undertaken steps will allow optimizing forms of state control at check points, excluding unreasonable delays of vehicles, and accelerating procedure carried out by state bodies," the Minister of Finance noted. "Introduction of such control is based on international standards and it is recommended by World Customs Organization," B. Zhamishev said.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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