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Government forecasts economic growth in 2009 at 5-6 % - Masimov

Almaty. September 24. Kazakhstan Today - The government forecasts economic growth in 2009 at the level of 5-6 %. The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Karim Masimov, said today during IX Almaty Interbank Conference, the agency reports. "In the beginning of this year the government, the National Bank and the Agency for Financial Supervision made a special statement where we forecasted economic growth of about 5-6 % in 2008. As for further development of Kazakhstan, economic growth of the next year, we know all these figures. We forecast growth in 2009 of about 5-6 %," K. Masimov noted. However, according to the Prime Minister, the main issue for the government - finding balance between inflation and economic growth. "In case economic growth is beyond the government's forecasts, we have a package of measures on stimulation of business activity to stimulate some sectors of economy. Naturally, the government alone cannot make it, we will do it in cooperation with business, in cooperation with the financial sector," he noted. K. Masimov suggested all these questions to be discussed at the joint meetings.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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