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Government approved amendments to Land Code

Astana. September 24. Kazakhstan Today - The government of Kazakhstan approved the bill on amendments and additions to Land Code of Kazakhstan on Tuesday, the agency reports. "The purpose of the bill is specification of the list of extraordinary cases when land plots can be withdrawn for state needs," vice chairman of Kazakhstan Land Management Agency, Kanalbek Raimbekov, explained presenting the bill at the government session. The bill specifies procedure of withdrawal and repayment of land plots for state needs. The amendments are directed at settlement the issue of establishment of rates of payment for land plots, plots in cities or cities of regional value, settlements and rural areas taking into account market mechanisms." The bill provides the norms excluding grounds for land speculation. "These measures will allow ordering regulation of land relations connected with withdrawal of land for state needs, ensuring state interests and achievement of socially significant objectives," K. Raimbekov concluded.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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