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Uniform estimation procedure of Kazakhstan goods in subsoil use contracts to be developed in Kazakhstan - Schkolnik

Astana. November 21. Kazakhstan Today - Kazakhstan needs to develop a uniform estimation procedure of purchase of Kazakhstan goods in subsoil use contracts. The Minister of Industry and Commerce of Kazakhstan, Vladimir Schkolnik, said today during the republican meeting - Development of domestic mechanical engineering: increase of purchase of Kazakhstan goods, the agency reports. In his opinion, Kazakhstan needs the objective statistics data regarding current situation in subsoil users' purchases to carry out complex monitoring of increase of purchase of Kazakhstan goods and to accept correction and prevention actions." "We had such mechanism, but appeared to be ineffective as the Law on Subsoil and Subsoil Use provides no responsibility for violation of the norm on submission of precise statistical data," the Minister of Industry explained. "Kazakhstan needs to finish creation of the uniform base of domestic suppliers of goods, works, and services," Schkolnik said.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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