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Unemployment rate in Kazakhstan - 6.7 %

Astana. December 23. Kazakhstan Today - The rate of unemployment in Kazakhstan in November, 2008 reached 6.7 % (November, 2007 - 7 %), the agency reports with reference to Statistics Agency of Kazakhstan. According to the Statistics Agency, the number of unemployed (people at the age of 15 and older having no employment, seeking for it and ready to take it) in November, 2008 totaled 558.9 thousand people and in comparison with the similar period of the last year reduced to 20.3 thousand people. According to statistical data, 7.8 million people have been engaged in the national economy. As for November, 2007, their number has increased by 98.4 thousand people, or by 1.3 %. "The majority of the registered unemployed people are women - 38.8 thousand people (68.4 %). The share of the registered unemployed among the economically active population in November of 2008 reached 0.7 % (in November, 2007 - 0.8 %)," the Statistics Agency informs.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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