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Income to Almaty budget for 2009 to total 173 billion 791 million KZT

Almaty. January 8. Kazakhstan Today - Income to the city budget of Almaty for 2009, according to the forecasted data, have totaled 173 billion 791 million KZT, the agency reports citing Department of Economy and Budgetary Planning of Almaty. According to the department, the income to the budget of the city for 2009 will total 173 billion 791 million KZT and expenditures have reached 173 billion 791 million KZT. Budgetary withdrawals to the republican budget, according to Law on Republican Budget for 2009 - 2011 totaled 55 billion 811 million KZT. The budget without taking into account budgetary withdrawals reached 117 billion 980 million KZT.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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