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Shareholders of Alliance Bank support Government's actions and Head of State policy

ALMATY. March 2. KAZINFORM /Daniyar Sihimbaev/ Shareholders of the Alliance Bank voluntarily offered the Government to buy 76% stake, no one has any pressure on them and nobody was forced to commit this transaction. Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Alliance Bank Margulan Seysembaev announced it in Almaty at the special press conference, Kazinform correspondent reports. According to M. Seysembaev, opposition media and Internet recently have increased publications with speculation about the nationalization, corporate raid, and revocation of license by the State regarding the Alliance Bank and the BTA Bank. "They do not make any direct statements but hint on forced capitalization of the BTA Bank, thus politicizing the process and bringing us into the political game, he said. It was noted that at the time of the proposal the Bank had not violated any prudential regulations of the Agency for Financial Supervision and was not under the threat of revocation of license. Over the past three months, the Alliance Banks deposits increased by 25 billion tenge. Shareholders of the Bank appreciate the Government and the Head of the State for accepting their proposal and provision of assistance. In the current crisis only state will be able to keep the banking system. We can not risk the money of our clients, investors and the public. Our priority is to preserve the money of our clients and the stability of the financial system, not shareholders' private interests, the head of the bank said. Shareholders of the Bank declared that they would fully support all government efforts to stabilize the situation in the banking sector and, in particular, in the Alliance Bank. For us, it is important that the Alliance Bank will function as a reliable financial institution and is an active agent of the Government in financing the economy. Shareholders of the Bank live in Kazakhstan and they are not going to leave the country and they are willing to take responsibility for their actions. We declare that we have not and will not participate in any political activities and will not be susceptible to various political provocations. We operate exclusively within the law and understand the economic and moral expediency, M. Seysembaev emphasized. At this difficult time of crisis shareholders of the Alliance Bank call not to politicize economic measures, which are applied not only in Kazakhstan, but throughout the world, do not use constraints in the economy to earn political dividends, and to focus on the adoption of reasonable, effective and prompt measures for the early overcoming the crisis.


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