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N.Nazarbayev holds session on Astana city development

ASTANA-AKORDA. April 23. KAZINFORM Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev has held a session on Astana city development in the Palace of Independence. Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Massimov, the Government members, management of the Presidents Administration, capitals akimat (administration), a number of the state bodies and departments, banks and construction companies, deputies took part in it; Kazinform refers to the Presidents press service. Astana Mayor Imangali Tasmagambetov reported on a course of implementation of the Kazakh Presidents commissions on the city development and anti-recessionary measures. Delivering a speech at the session, President Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that Astana develops in a good rate. The akimat performs his assignments given at the previous similar sessions. At the same time the Head of the State raised a number of topical problems of the capital. The process of completion of shared construction of 123 objects, in which over 23,000 interest holders participate, is slow. The funds allocated by the state come to accounts of construction companies over a long period of time. The citizens mortgage loaning refinancing program is not elaborated in detail. There are many complaints on an inability to obtain credit because of restrictions and excessive interest rates of the second-tier banks. The funds allocated for small and medium business development within the framework of the anti-recessionary program are disbursed slowly. The loans form KZT 4.3 bln. It is about 19 percent out of the total volume of the National Fund resources foreseen for these targets. About 1 percent out of KZT 120 bln allocated within the framework of the anti-recessionary program is disbursed in the country. The Head of the State charged Vice Prime Minister Umirzak Shukeyev to understand and correct the situation. Now small and medium business is a main part of the citys economy, the Head of the State emphasized. Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that the National Fund resources are the national funds. Thats why their use should be under a strict control. The Government and akimat were charged to assess the state of affairs of small and medium business, understand the situation on every object of shared construction and make specific proposals on the completion. The President noted that in the crisis the employment indexes deteriorated and the problem of arrears in the payment of wages exists in the capital. The President gave a task to the akimat, Prosecutor Generals Office and other state bodies to take measures on these problems solution. Pay special attention to creation of 17,000 jobs in the city economy. The akimat should have a plan of Road map implementation, N.Nazarbayev emphasized. Special attention was paid to the issues of improvement of quality of work service departments, public conveyances, arrangement of green spaces, particularly in the Left Bank of the Ishim River. The Head of the State urged all public services to toughen control over the quality of construction in the capital. Besides, the President commissioned Astana Akimat and Home Affairs Ministry to work over the issues of usage of old auto transport in the city, upgrade the procedure of auto technical inspection, and strengthen struggle against crime. Astana should become the safest city of the country, N. Nazarbayev emphasized. To save energy and water resources it is necessary to install water and electric meters in every building, Nursultan Nazarbayev said. The process of preparation for 2011 Asian Winter Games was considered at the sitting as well. The Kazakh leader commissioned to take such sports facilities as a roofed skating stadium and reconstruction of Kazakhstan Sports Palace under the strict control. N. Nazarbayev also touched upon the issue of preparation of Astana for the oncoming 20th anniversary of Kazakhstans Independence. He commissioned the Government to ensure timely commissioning of new facilities.


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