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National Business Forum-2009 spring kicked off in Almaty

ALMATY. May 25. KAZINFORM /Dauren Zhailin/ 200 participants have gathered for a National Business Forum-2009 spring that kicked off in Almaty today. The event is chaired by Vice Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov. The forum aims at discussion and determination of the basic elements and ideology of the Government’s short-term stabilization program and a short-term anti-crisis strategy, attraction and formation of a permanently functioning pool from the expert-leader core of the Kazakhstan business, public administration and humanitarian sphere for studying the issues of the agenda and enhancement of the work of the Government’s Anti-Crisis Council. The spring session of the National Business Forum will focus on an immediate actions plan for financial stabilization of the enterprises and a model of a short-term program of economic development in crisis and post-crisis periods. Resolutions containing the follow-up actions plan on the current financial-economic stabilization, a short-term anti-crisis strategy and a long-term model of systemic changes in the state apparatus, private sector and social sphere are planned to be adopted following the forum. *** PM: Unity of business community to ensure successful industrialization ALMATY. May 25. KAZINFORM /Dauren Zhailin/ The world community is experiencing the global recession, and it is the unity that shall ensure economic stability and successful post-crisis development, reads the Message of Prime Minister Karim Massimov delivered by Vice PM Serik Akhmetov at the National Business Forum-2009. The message notes that the National Business Forum-2009 spring is being held in a difficult period. “At the Congress of the Nur Otan Party the President determined forced industrialization as number one objective for the nation. It is important to understand, that unity of the business community is the main facttor of successful industrialization. I hope that such dialogues will prove to be effective and will promote this process. The Government encourages the business community to cooperate in the improvement of the measures taken to overcome the recession”, the message notes. The Vice Minister of Economy and Budget Planning, Deputy Minister of Finance, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, heads of holdings are participating in the forum. “The government gives a high appraisal to the expert potential of the business forum, and we are ready for a dialog with entrepreneurs and welcome any proposals and recommendations. We are interested in participation of the business community in all state programs”, S.Akhmetov said. According to him, creation of the Anti-Crisis Council was suggested by enterpreneurs. “At present we consider a number of issues among which is optimization of inspections of small and medium business entities by the government agencies”, the Vice Prime Minister noted. As S.Akhmetov emphasized, this work is especially important in the crisis period, when business face a great deal of problems. “Support of the country's business community is the main priority of the Government's anti-crisis and stabilization work”, the Vice Prime Minister said. *** Government calls business community to dialogue – Vice PM ALMATY. May 25. KAZINFORM /Dauren Zhailin/ “The Government of Kazakhstan takes positive view on the expert potential of the business forum and is ready for a dialogue with the businessmen on any platforms. We are ready to hear the propositions and recommendations and we are interested in participation of the domestic business in all state programs. Therefore we are keen on solution of all problems hindering our effective cooperation”, Serik Akhmetov, Vice Prime Minister of the country has announced at the National Business Forum-2009 in Almaty today. According to him, the Anti-Crisis Council of the Government was established namely on the entrepreneurs’ initiative. The Council’s permanently functioning headquarters considers those vexed issues requiring urgent solution. “Today we are discussing a number of issues connected with optimization of inspection of small and medium business enterprises by the state bodies”, the Vice PM noted.


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