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Kazakh PM charged akims to work on decrease of level of poverty and unemployment

Astana. April 9. Kazakhstan Today - The Prime Minister Karim Masimov charged akims to strengthen the work on decrease of the level of poverty and unemployment in the regions, the agency reports. "Akims of oblast, cities of Astana and Almaty are to study the reasons of decrease of the rate of unemployed citizens applying for employment services and undertake the appropriate measures," K. Masimov said today at the government selector meeting. The Prime Minister charged to encourage unemployed to apply for public work, develop all kinds of employment and to stir up the activity of employment services including training and retraining of oralmans. The Labor Minister noted that level of unemployment in the Republic is high among youth and female, which made in 2006 10.8 and 9.1 % respectively. The highest rate of unemployment in the fourth quarter of 2006 is observed in Kyzylorda, Mangystau and Zhambyl oblasts - about 9.3 %. "It is connected not only with differentiation of economic conditions, but also due to insufficient work of the local employment bodies in those regions. According to the Minister, to change the situation it is necessary to provide qualitative monitoring and forecasting of labor market not only at the level of the ministry, but also at the regional level. The minister considers expedient development and adoption of the concept of technical and vocational training for 2008 - 2010 and creation of fund of support and development of technical and vocational training due to attraction of foreign labor to improve the quality of local personnel.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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