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GOVERNMENT Weekly Review. President Nazarbayev visits Jambyl and South Kazakhstan regions. Eurasian Energy Forum held in Astana. IT sector needs investments.

Astana September 28 KAZINFORM /Rizvana Sadykova/ This week started with the working visit of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev to Zhambyl region. Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbayev attended a celebratory meeting devoted to the 70th anniversary of Zhambyl region. Speaking about the region's achievements Akim of Zhambyl region Boribay Zheksembin emphasized that the region has had big support of the country's leader. "Zhambyl oblast became the second home for 80 nationalities. 21 national cultural centers and 402 religious unions exist there. He pointed out steady work of the enterprises of Zhambyl region, increase of investment, establishment of new industrial sectors. Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbayev has also visited a cold-storage complex in Taraz city. The facility was put into service in August 2008. To date it is the largest storage of beef and dairy products as well as fruits and vegetables. According to Director of the enterprise Saule Zhanabekova, the cooler rooms of the complex covering the area of 5, 600 sq m can hold more than 10, 000 tons products. She added "The new Tax Code, moratorium on inspections, assistance in crediting - all this ensures successful business". Thus, among the projects are manufacturing mineral fertilizers by Eurokhim Company, production of cement in Mynaral and a number of projects being implemented by Kazphosphate LLP. The Head of the State expressed interest both in the course of the projects' realization and the socio-economic prospects for the region. "We reported to the President on fulfillment of the tasks outlined at the conference on chemical sphere development held in Taraz last year", Director General of Zhambyl affiliate of Kazphosphate LLP Mukash Iskandir said. "In 2008 the LLP launched 15 projects directed on improving the quality and increasing the volumes of the products", he added. Two more large underway projects are a concentrating plant in Zhanates and manufacture of sulfuric acid in Taraz. Launch of these productions will allow the region manufacturing competitive and high qualitative phosphate products, expanding export and creating new jobs. President Nursultan Nazarbayev has visited secondary school No 54. The Head of the State presented two buses to the school which had been built in accordance with 100 schools, 100 hospitals state program. At the meeting with the heads and teaching staff of the Zhambyl region's schools the Head of the State expressed satisfaction with the state and equipment of the new school and highlighted importance of adaptation of the children to school life. "We must pay particular attention to the children, their readiness to studying at school. Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev also paid a working visit to South Kazakhstan region. Firstly he arrived in Shimkent. The President plans to visit the regional cardiological center and new pasta factory near the regional center. The Head of the State is expected to take part in the opening ceremony of the Independence monument in Shymkent as well. In the second half of the day N.Nazarbayev will get acquainted with realization of a project of "Zhana Akdala" JSC in Arys region. Nursultan Nazarbayev has visited a new macaroni factory - "Barys 2007" LLC in Tassay village, South Kazakhstan region. The enterprise produces pasta products for domestic and export sales to Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Afghanistan and other countries. The factory has modern Italian equipment having no analogues in Central Asia. The automatic line yields 25 thousand tons of pasta per year. The project's cost is USD 10 million. 120 jobs were created here. President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev took part in the opening ceremony of the Independence Monument in Shymkent. The monument represents a 24-meter high triangular stela symbolizing the unity of Kazakhstan's people. It is crowned with a sculpture "Zher-Ana" (Motherland). Addressing the citizens of the region N. Nazarbayev noted "the state takes all measures to protect the nation against the influence of the world crisis. Special antirecessionary program Road Map developed by the Government allowed to create thousands of new jobs in South Kazakhstan region". "These are the achievements of our independence you should value and multiply", the Kazakh leader said. The entrepreneurs presented the investment projects realized in the region. The President took a special interest in the KZT 3 billion project of construction of motor oil plant. The plant will be built in the city's industrial area. Its capacity will be 100,000 tons of lubricating oils per year. N. Nazarbayev approved this project since it fully corresponds to the tasks set in the Kazakhstan Innovative Industrialization Program. Nursultan Nazarbayev got familiarized with the work of "Zhana Akdala" enterprise in Arys municipality of South Kazakhstan region. The enterprise successfully carried out the experiment on implementation of new agricultural technologies and creation of complete technological cycle - from cultivation to final processing. The project was launched in 2008. Today its crop area is 1 000 hectares. 700 ha is planted with tomatoes, 150 ha - with horticultural crops, the rest 150 ha - with other vegetables. This year the enterprise launched a tomato processing plant. Its capacity is 600 tons per day. 60 people work here. The most important business event was the IV Kazakhstan Energy Week which took place in Astana. Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov met with the delegation of Great Britain led by Prince Michael of Kent. In the course of the meeting the parties discussed the issues of strengthening cooperation in education and culture. In particular, the Prime Minister paid attention to the project of new university in Astana city implemented under the aegis of President Nursultan Nazarbayev. K. Massimov noted that participation of Great Britain in the project will be very important for the university where creation of research center and fund is expected to be. The Prince expressed interest of London School of Business and Economy and University of Oxford in the issue of mutual stipends for students studying in Kazakhstan and Great Britain. Eurasian Energy Forum was held within IV Kazakhstan Energy Week. Kazakh Prime Minister addressed the attendees with a welcoming speech. Chairman of KazEnergy Association Timur Kulibayev, Minister of Energy on the United Arab Emirates Mohammad Bin Dha'en Al-Hamili were also among main speakers at the opening ceremony of the forum. Having noted Kazakhstan's achievements in oil and gas sector, K. Massimov said our country had proved itself to be a reliable supplier of oil and gas resources to the global market. "The Government of Kazakhstan actively and consistently develops state-private partnership in oil and gas sphere. Diversification of transport routes is carried out. In this direction I would like to emphasize the work on modernization of Central Asia-Center gas transportation system and Atyrau-Samara oil pipeline. Infrastructure of such fundamental routes like Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan and main line to the People's Republic of China is improved", Massimov said. Alongside Aktau and Kuryk seaports are enhancing their work in order to increase transportation of goods from Kazakhstan.The Prime Minister particularly pointed out the role of Kazakhstan in climate change issues. "You know, Kazakhstan has joined the Kyoto Protocol. Besides, this year we are taking part in the Copenhagen forum", the Head of the Government informed. "The point at issue is development of technologies reducing gas emissions. It is also connected with reduction of the volumes of burnt gas by Kazakhstan and development of efficient technologies on coal burning. Finally I would like to note that Kazakhstan takes certain steps on development of renewable energy sources. This is quite an important agreement", K. Massimov stressed. The Prime Minister also thanked the attendees for their participation in the forum and development of the country's oil and gas complex. "Kazakhstan can become one of the key players of the world nuclear market", Kazakh Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Sauat Mynbayev said at the opening ceremony of the Eurasian Energy Forum. "There exists an opinion that the nuclear energy is the only sector that is able to essentially increase its rate in the world balance and cover the growth of demand of people in energy. In accordance with synopsis, the fleet of Nuclear Reactors will increase almost three times by 2050. Possessing great reservoirs f natural uranium and production of components of the nuclear fuel Kazakhstan can become one of the key players at the world nuclear market", Minister Mynbayev said. Modernization of three oil refineries of Kazakhstan will allow to fully supply the home market with all kinds of oil products except for motor oils in 2013-2014. The Minister reminded that the program of modernization of three oil processing plants of Kazakhstan to the amount of USD 4 billion was adopted in May 2009. According to Minister, once the program is brought into action, in 2013-2014 Kazakhstan will have the home market fully supplied with all the kinds of oil products, except for motor oils. Besides, gasoline will be of Euro-4 standard. Along with crude oil Kazakhstan imports oil products. Import of jet fuel makes up 33%, high-octane gasoline - 40%. "It is connected with insufficient capacity and technological level of our oil refineries", S. Mynbayev added. Also this week Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Massimov led the third roundtable with representatives of the foreign and national business circles. "Tendencies of the international market lead to that the state should regulate the banking sphere. We will see what will happen in the global market, and will follow this tendency", K.Massimov said. "Kazakhstan is one of the first countries of the world, which was affected by global financial crisis. We faced the first facts of the crisis consequences while holding the first roundtable two years ago, in September, 2007. And it influenced the Kazakh market," the Premier added. "The last two years were very hard, but I think that we are close to solution of the most difficult problems in the Kazakh banking system", K. Massimov noted. He called the foreign companies, which function in the country, to keep some assets in the Kazakh banks. The next issue was connected with the IT sector. "There is no alternative to the development of IT industry in any country of the world. Each state in one form or another continues development of this sector. We also decided to continue development of "e-government" and IT industry", K. Massimov. He invited businessmen to put investments in Kazakhstan's IT sector, particularly development of Information Technology Park. "The IT-Institute has recently started work on the basis of the park. It was established with support of the private sector. This direction is very important and perspective", K. Massimov added. Another important event was opening of the V General Assembly of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties, where Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Maulen Ashimbayev red out the welcome address of Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev. "Today the global dialogue between countries and nations must be supplemented with wide cooperation at the level of political parties. On this evidence the ICAPP contributes to the development of cooperation between countries and to the strengthening of party systems of the biggest continent of the world. The idea of its establishment is conformable to the strategy of the development of our country. Further development of the world is possible only through dialogue, partnership, mutual understanding and mutual respect", the address says.

Resourse: Kazinform

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