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25.5 mln tons of oil produced at Tengiz deposit in 2009

ATYRAU. 11.01.2010. KAZINFORM /Andrey Sokolov/ TengizChevroil LLP developing Tengiz and Royal deposits in Atyrau oblast produced 22, 530, 000 tons of oil in 2009 that is 5, 230, 000 tons higher against the last year index. Such significant growth could be reached due to new projects built at Tengiz: a Second-Generation Plant and a Sour Gas Injection Unit, Ruslan Kuatov, Chief of the TCO Department for Deposits Development says. The facilities were put on project capacity in July 2009 after which oil production at Tengiz reached 540, 000 barrels per day. *** 12.01.2010 / 15:31 Tengizchevroil LLP to raise annual oil production to 37-38 mln tons ATYRAU. 12.01.2010. KAZINFORM /Andrey Sokolov/ Tengizchevroil LLP plans to raise oil output at Tengiz deposit by 12 mln tons in the nearest future following which the total volume of annual production will reach 37-38 mln tons, Kazinform has learnt from the General Manager of the Company's Strategic Planning and Analysis Department . According to him, the shareholders of the company which develops Tengiz and Royal deposits are discussing several ways of production expansion. In 2009 Tengizchevroil produced 22 mln 530 thousand tons of oil and exported it by the Caspian Pipeline Consortium, railroad as well as by tankers to Baku. This is 30% higher against 2008 indices. In 2010 the Company plans to raise oil output up to 25-26 mln tons. After completion of the project on expansion the extraction of oil at Tengiz will reach 37-38 mln tons per year. *** 13.01.2010 / 14:56 Kazakhstan received USD 5.5 bln from TCO business activity in 2009 ATYRAU. 13.01.2010. KAZINFORM /Andrey Sokolov/ In 2009 Kazakhstan received USD 5.5 bln from the "Tengizchevroil" LLP business activity which extracts oil in Atyrau region at Tengiz and King Deposits. According to Coordinator of the Public and Governmental Affairs Department Svetlana Kairgaliyeva, the gross amount of payments covers royalty, different taxes, salary to Kazakhstani employees as well as the funds spent for procurement of goods and services. The largest sum of payments of the Company was fixed in 2008 - over USD 8 bln. This was caused by high price for oil in the world market. Totally, since the moment of the establishment of the joint American-Kazakhstani oil-extracting enterprise in 1993 Kazakhstan received USD 36 bln.


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