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In 2009 inflation made 6.2% - National Bank of Kazakhstan

ALMATY. 13.01.2010. KAZINFORM /Yekaterina Ionova/ "According to the Statistics Agency of Kazakhstan in 2009 inflation made 6.2% that is 3.2 times lower than the maximum level of inflation for the last years. The mid-year inflation last year made 7.3%", Chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Grigory Marchenko has said today at a special press conference in Almaty. The disinflation was caused by price deceleration for foodstuffs and paid services which in 2009 rose by 3% and 8.4% respectively. Prices for non-foods grew by 8.6%. Prices for public and housing utility services rose by 5.3% including electricity and water carriage system rose by 9.6%. Prices for postal services grew by 56.4%, medical services - by 13.7%, transport - by 8.1% whereas prices for railway service grew by 34.2%.


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