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Negative forecasts not justified: none of banks liquidated - G. Marchenko, Head of National Bank

ALMATY. 13.01.2010. KAZINFORM /Yekaterina Ionova/ "2009 was very difficult year, and its main result, in my opinion, is positive GDP growth", Chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Grigory Marchenko has said at the press conference on preliminary results of 2009 in Almaty today. According to him, significant decline in inflation is also a positive result of the past year. "There were forecasts, that one or two banks would face liquidation, the restructuring would not be successful and we would face deposits outflow. However, these forecasts were not justified.The individuals' deposits increased. None of the banks was liquidated; the restructuring process is carried out successfully. Restructuring of Alliance Bank JSC is almost completed, and on BTA Bank JSC is under continuation, and we hope that in the first quarter it will be completed", G.Marchenko said. "Taking into account difficulties that the banking sector faced in 2009, we should accept the situation as satisfactory", the Chairman of the National Bank said.


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