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Kazakhstan should sell uranium as ready fuel - S.Mynbayev

ASTANA. 15.01.2010. KAZINFORM /Kanat Kulshmanov/ Kazakhstan should sell not natural uranium, but ready fuel. Kazakh Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Sauat Mynbayev has made it public at the enlarged session of the Collegium of the Ministry on Friday, January 15. "The main task is - not to sell natural uranium for ready fuel, but to sell, in any way, most of uranium as ready fuel produced in Kazakhstan if possible", the Minister said. According to him, a vertically-integrated fuel company is under construction. "We need a clear plan: how much and to what country we will sell natural uranium and ready fuel, on what capacities it will be, how to make sure that they will built in our country, how much uranium Kazatomprom should mine", S.Mynbayev emphasized. "Now we are a leader-country on the volumes of extraction, but do we need it or not? It will be clear after the plan's adoption. The aim of the first half of 2010 is to adopt this document", the Minister emphasized.


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