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Industrialization Map open for new projects

AKTOBE. 05.02.2010. KAZINFORM /Samal Yendibayeva/ An activity on the Industrialization Map has started, the task of the first year is to develop work on selected projects and it is necessary to search new high technological projects, which meet the industrial policy. Minister of Industry and Trade Asset Issekeshev said it to the Aktobe entrepreneurs yesterday. "There are over 200 projects under elaboration in addition to selected projects of the Industrialization Map, but it does not mean, that they all will be approved. Projects should be worked out in detail; an investor should have serious financial resources or a serious foreign partner. Companies, which are ready to create new jobs, to be engaged not only in raw materials, but in processing, production of ready commodities, will get unprecedented measures of the state support. It is a great resource, it is a chance to take a serious position for any businessman", the Minister said.


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