USD/KZT 442.85  +1.26
EUR/KZT 480.32  +0.05
Volume of KASE currency transactions grew by 18.2 %

Almaty. May 4. Kazakhstan Today - In April 2007 the volume of currency transactions at the Kazakhstan stock exchange (KASE) increased compared to last month by 18.2 % and made an equivalent of $24 887.7 million. Kazakhstan Today reports referring to the agency of financial news Irbis. According to the agency, for the accounting month the volume of all operations at the Kazakhstan KASE stock exchange in dollar expression increased by 16.1 % and totaled 3035.8 billion, that is the highest monthly turn of stock exchange of all time of its existence (since November, 1993). As of April, 2006 volume of operations on the stock exchange in March 2006 in a dollar equivalent grew by 2.5 times, in KZT - by 2.4 times.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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