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Gold and exchange currency reserves of Kazakhstan decreased by 1.6 %

Almaty. May 17. Kazakhstan Today - The international reserves of Kazakhstan in current prices including money of the National fund (by preliminary data reached $16 734.2 million). As of May 15, they have decreased by 1.6 % and totaled $38 086 million, the National Bank of Kazakhstan press service informed the agency. Net international reserves of the National bank in current prices decreased by 4.1 % (or by $914.7 million). Actives in gold decreased by $8.3 million as a result of a decrease of its price in the world markets by 0.6 %. In real terms net international reserves of the National bank decreased by 4.1 %, net actives in hard currency - by 4.4 %, actives in gold have not decreased. Decrease of net internal actives of the National bank in the first half of 2007 caused compression of monetary base by 1.6 % (or by 24.3 billion KZT).

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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