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Living wage per capita made 10 310 KZT in August, 2007

Almaty. September 3. Kazakhstan Today - In Kazakhstan, August, 2007, the size of living wage on average per capita in comparison with December, 2006 increased by 24.3 % and made 10 310 KZT, the agency reports referring to the Statistics Agency. According to the State Statistics Agency, living wage for food made 6186 KZT, non-food and paid services - 4124 KZT. For the accounting month living wage for children till 13 years old made 9101 KZT; for young men and women of 14 - 17 - 12 783 and 9793 KZT accordingly; for capable of working population older 18, including men - 12 131 KZT and women - 9621 KZT; for pensioners and seniors - 9500 KZT. The living wage is the essential minimal monetary income of one person, equal to the size of the cost of the minimal consumer's basket, which represents minimal set of food stuffs, goods and services necessary for maintenance of ability to live for one person in natural and cost expression. Food basket contains 43 names of foodstuffs: meat, fish, dairy, oil-fat, grain, fruit and vegetables, eggs, sugar, tea, spices and others. The fraction of expenses of the essential non-foodstuff and services for calculation of the size of the living wage is established at the rate of 40 % off the cost of the minimal consumer's basket.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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