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Accounts of managers of budgetary programs have 62.2 billion KZT budget surplus

Astana. September 25. Kazakhstan Today - As of September 1, the accounts of the managers of budgetary programs have 62.2 billion of budget surplus compared to 59.8 billion as of August 1. The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Masimov informed on Monday at the selector government meeting. According to the Minister of Finance Natalia Korzhova, the largest quantity of budget surplus accounts for the Ministry of Tourism and Sports (4.6 billion), the Central Electoral Commission - 3.9 billion and others. Thus, according to the Minister of Finance, budget surplus for objective reasons made 5.3 billion KZT, for subjective - 56.8 billion KZT. According to the Ministry of Finance, local budget surplus as of September 1 reached 79 billion KZT. "The largest sum accounts for Almaty (13 billion KZT), the South-Kazakhstan oblast (10.8 billion KZT), the Eastern Kazakhstan oblast (9.9 billion KZT)," he said. According to the Prime Minister K. Masimov, the government meeting will take place in November with participation of the leader of the state where execution of the budget within 9 months will be considered.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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