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Government is ready to redistribute 16 billion KZT

Astana. October 11. Kazakhstan Today - The government is ready to redistribute about 16 billion KZT within the limits of the programs stipulated in the project of the republican budget for 2008. The Minister of Economics and Budgetary Planning Bakhyt Sultanov said on Wednesday in the interview to journalists. The Minister reminded that in connection with increase in living wage up to 10.515 KZT, 8.7 billion KZT for increase of base social payments, which will be found through redistribution, is required. "The fraction supported our opinion that it is not necessary to increase income and expense part of the budget and to solve the vital issues through redistribution of the means in separate budgetary programs," B. Sultanov added. The Minister noted that the deputies of the Parliament put forward many proposals on increase of income and expense parts of the budget and on reduction of the means in some parts of the budgetary programs. All these proposals, according to the Minister, will be considered in the working group on the bill on the Republican Budget for 2008.

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