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Unassimilated budgetary funds made 26 billion KZT - Zhamishev

Astana. February 8. Kazakhstan Today - Last year unassimilated budgetary funds reached the sum of more than 26 billion KZT. Bolat Zhamishev said at the session of the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan on Thursday, the agency reports. "Expenditures of the Republican budget in 2007 without taking into account repayment of loans made 2.48 trillion KZT, or 98.9 % of the plan for the year. More than 26 billion KZT was not assimilated," B. Zhamishev said. "In most cases, the ministries do not track achievements of the completed results, target orientation and efficiency of use of the allocated funds in the regions," B. Zhamishev stated. The Minister informed that with regards to GDP the level of tax revenues in the budget for 11 months of the last year made 26.3 %. "We expect that in 2008 they will reach about 28 % of GDP, in 2009 - to 29 % and in 2010 - to 30 %," B. Zhamishev emphasized. This information may not be reproduced without reference to Kazakhstan Today 16:24 08.02.2008 Nur Otan Party created Public Councils for struggle against corruption Astana. February 8. Kazakhstan Today - Nur Otan Party created Public Councils for struggle against corruption. The first vice chairman of the party Adilbek Dzhaksybekov informed today during the meeting devoted to councils' work, the agency reports. Oralbay Abdykarimov will head the Public Council for struggle against corruption. "One of the main tasks of the council - creation in each area, in each city, settlement, aul the atmosphere of intolerance to the facts and phenomena of corruption character," vice chairman of the party said. The main methods of work of the council should become "consideration of concrete facts of corruption and their direction to the corresponding bodies, the organization of public control over realization of the decisions accepted regarding these facts, development of political assessment of the facts of manifestation of corruption and the involved officials.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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