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Kazakhstan President criticized akims work

Astana. February 14. Kazakhstan Today - The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev criticized the work of akims at the expanded government session in Astana , the agency reports. "It is necessary to conduct the objective analysis and take measures on effective expenditure of budgetary funds," N. Nazarbayev emphasized. The President noted that about 25 billion KZT of budgetary funds in the regions and 13 billion of transfers from the republican budget have not been spent. He drew the akims' attention to the work of social - enterprise corporations. "Bureaucratic disputes hinder development of social-enterprise corporations," the President considers. N. Nazarbayev has charged the akims to pay attention to the population of the regions with low incomes, and be engaged in employment of people, construction of schools and hospitals and struggle against corruption. N. Nazarbayev has given the akims a number of assignments. In particular, he told that akims should direct the funds of local budgets to construction of schools, hospitals, realization of the program - Portable Water, and construction of roads.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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