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Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan government started negotiations on increase of purchases of grain and flour

Bishkek. February 18. Kazakhstan Today - Kyrgyzstan government started negotiations with the Kazakhstan party on increase of purchases of grain and flour, the agency reports referring to the fund of state and material reserves of Kyrgyzstan. "In 2008 Kyrgyzstan, as it has been forecasted, will have to import 400 thousand tons of grain of wheat, however, the Republic continues to reduce crops of wheat. In 2008, according to the forecasts, their area in Kyrgyzstan will decrease by 41 thousand hectares. Such situation induces to solve the problem at the expense of external sources," analytical department of the fund informed today. According to the state reserve fund, the annual need of Kyrgyzstan for grain of wheat is estimated at 1.2 million tons. Local producers can provide only 800 thousand tons. The rest - about 36 percent - is necessary to be imported from abroad. At present, the government of Kyrgyzstan started negotiations about additional deliveries from Kazakhstan - 50 thousand tons.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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