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Nature protection department of Kazakhstan to request TengizChevroil full utilization of sulfur

Astana. February 20. Kazakhstan Today - The Ministry of Environmental Protection of Kazakhstan charged TengizChevroil Company to develop the program on full utilization of accumulated sulfur in the shortest terms. The Minister of Environmental Protection of Kazakhstan Nurlan Iskakov gave the assignment at the meeting with the management of TengizChevroil on Tuesday, the agency reports referring to the ministry's press service. "During the negotiations the parties discussed the questions of accumulation and open storage of large volumes of sulfur, as well as reduction of gas burning on torches," the press release states. Following the results of the working meeting, TengizChevroil Company has been charged "to develop taking into account the target parameters of transition to stable development of the measures for discontinuance of gas burning on torches, the program of utilization of sulfur, in the view of full utilization of the accumulated sulfur in the shortest terms, the message emphasized. According to the information of the representatives of TengizChevroil, the parameters of 2007 characterize an increase of sales of sulfur in comparison with 2006 by 24 % making 2.05 million tons. Total amount of the accumulated sulfur in 2007 was reduced by almost half a million tons. Volumes of gas burnt on torches in 2007 decreased by 80 % in comparison with 2000. According to the state inspection, the company has been called to account 22 times and had to pay 142.0 million KZT in 2007 for infringements of requirements of the nature protection legislation.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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