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Hydroenergy potential of Kazakhstan estimated at 170 billion kW h a year - Iskakov

Astana. February 20. Kazakhstan Today - Hydroenergy potential of Kazakhstan is estimated at 170 billion kW h a year. The Minister of Environmental Protection Nurlan Iskakov said today during the round table - Opportunities for Development of Renewable Energy Sources in Kazakhstan, the agency reports. "Hydroenergy potential of our country is estimated at 170 billion kW h a year, in wind power engineering potential of 1.8 trillion kW h can be realized, potentially possible development of solar energy is estimated at 2.5 billion kW h a year," N. Iskakov said. "Application of biological fuel is a huge reserve, in particular, due to processing of agricultural products waste we can receive up to 35 billion kW h electric and 44 million of calories of thermal energy," he added. "Potential reserves of use of these resources in Kazakhstan are estimated at $12 billion a year," N. Iskakov said. According to the Minister of Environmental Protection, stocks of non renewable natural resources of Kazakhstan can be used up during the limited historical period - from 20 years for copper, till 85 years - for natural gas.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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