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New law On Education provides privileges for teachers - Education Minister

Astana. March 17. Kazakhstan Today - The new law On Education provides privileges to teachers. The Minister of Education and sciences Zhanseyit Tuymebayev stated during the meeting with the deputies of Akmola regional maslikhat. The Minister of Education and Sciences acquainted the participants with the situation in the sphere of domestic education and science and brought to the focus the acceptance of the new law On Education, which provides privileges to teachers: the academic load in elementary school has been decreased from 20 hours up to 18 hours; the new chapter on the status of the pedagogical worker has been introduced, according to which the status of teachers will be improved by solution material and social issues. The Minister has given detailed answers to all the questions which asked by the deputies, the press service of the department informs. The most often asked question concerned the format of the uniform national testing. According to Z. Tuymebayev, the graduates of schools will take the test only once, of the same format. Then test will be on five subjects and the lowest passing score will remain the same. The innovation consists in that the graduates of schools with the Kazakh language of instruction will take the test in Russian, and the graduates from the Russian-speaking schools - in Kazakh. According to the press service, the deputies familiarized with the work of interactive studio, which connects 1500 schools of the Republic.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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