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Seventh Eurasian media forum to be held in Almaty on April 24 -25

Almaty. March 19. Kazakhstan Today - The seventh Eurasian media forum will be held on April 24 - 25, 2008 in Almaty. The organizers of the forum informed today at the press conference, the agency reports. According to the Producer of the Eurasian media forum Vladimir Rerich, during a two-day conference the important topics, including not recognized territories, self-declaration of the states on the example of Kosovo and deja vue of the second cold wars will be discussed. Among the other subjects for discussion will be - Role of mass media in crisis of worldwide financial system, Relationships of Russia - the USA after the election processes, Who the leaders of the post Soviet space are, Compliance with intellectual property rights, Problems of coverage of global warming threat. According to V. Rerich, in the end of the forum the participants will discuss the topic - Glamour in Politics and Politics of Glamour, Nikoly Sarkozi - Glamorous President. According to the event organizers, 450 delegates, including 150 foreign participants will take part in the seventh Eurasian forum. The key speakers Zbignev Bzhezinski and Benazir Bhutto's sister - Fatima Bhutto will make speech at the forum, the organizers informed.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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