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Prime Minister charged to prepare amendments to normative-legal acts influencing development business-activity in Kazakhstan

Astana. March 20. Kazakhstan Today - The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Masimov charged to prepare the proposals on introduction of the necessary amendments and additions to the normative-legal acts influencing development of business activity in Kazakhstan, the government's press service informed the agency. According to the press service, the Prime Minister held the first session of the commission on elimination of the administrative barriers and improvement of business-climate for small and medium enterprises. The government of Kazakhstan, the representatives of business-communities and the international nongovernmental organizations took part in the work of the first session of the commission. "The session participants discussed the proposals and recommendations on improvement of business-environment in Kazakhstan. The representatives of enterprise associations defined the problems existing in such spheres of business as registration, taxation, issuing of licenses and sanctions, carrying out of inspections of subjects of small and medium enterprises by the supervising bodies," the press service informed. Following the results of the discussion, the commission members decided to conduct the analysis and generate a package of decisions on reduction of the administrative barriers. "On behalf of the Prime Minister, the commission members will prepare the proposal on introduction of the needed amendments and additions to some regulatory and legal acts influencing development of business-activity in Kazakhstan for the following session," the message informs. The commission under the presidency of the Prime Minister has been created at Kazakhstan government and is the interdepartmental advisory body. The purpose of the commission - development of the consolidated position and the measures on decrease of the administrative barriers interfering development of business.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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