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Kazakhstan to familiarize with Chile experience in many economic spheres - Kakimzhanov

Almaty. March 28. Kazakhstan Today - Familiarization of Chile experience in many directions of economy can serve Kazakhstan as big help for construction of the development model of many sectors of the national economy. The chairman of the company Altay Asset Management Zeynulla Kakimzhanov informed at the seminar -the Chilean economy - opportunity for trade and investments taken place in Almaty. During the presentation the chairman of Altay Asset Management noted high rates of economic growth of Kazakhstan and expressed confidence that in the nearest 30 years Kazakhstan can become economically leading country in the Central Asian region and the major exporter of meat, milk, wool, vegetables, fruit and wines. According to the embassy of Chile in Russia and Kazakhstan, Chile with the population of 16 million people has $146 billion GDP per capita with purchasing power parity of more than $12 thousand GDP. Chile exports 45 % of industrial products, 45 % of mining production (including copper - 35 %) and 10 % of agricultural products. According to the embassy, experience of Chile in the field of diversification of export is especially interesting. 20 years ago Chile was known in the world markets, basically, owing to export of copper. Now Chile continues to remain the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of copper to the world market, but the export structure has diversified. The share of copper in total exports makes about 35 %. Thus, Chile overcame one-sided raw orientation of its export. The export of production of wood sector in the country since 1980th has grown by 20 times - almost up to $5 billion. The export of winemaking products has grown from about $10 million in 1985 up to $1.3 billion in 2007. In 2007 Chile became the second manufacturer of salmon and trout after Norway and the first-ever exporter (387 thousand tons for the sum of $2.25 billion). Now the official export of Chile to Kazakhstan totals $520 thousand, thus the significant part of Chilean products is re-exported to Kazakhstan through Russia and is not considered by the official statistics, the embassy informs.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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