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The best articles of our magazine for 2014 that can be useful to understanding of investment opportunities and doing business in Kazakhstan are presented in this section.
Competitiveness   Stabilization or Stagnation?
Judging by the WEF’s global competitiveness ranking, the progress in which Kazakhstan was demonstrating in the past three years, there has now been a clear slowdown. In 2014, the country once again ranks 50th, while our neighbors in the region continue to improve their position. This means that the government needs to urgently look for new sources of growth of national competitiveness. With this, the introduction of new technologies and innovative products and services Kazakhstan can offer will play a key role in the struggle for regional markets.        read more
Research   Innovations Are Required for Second Five-Year Plan
On August 1, the President signed a Decree on approval of the State Program of Industrial & Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015-2019. New program differs from the previous one not because of freeing from the prefix "forced", but because of a significant revision of the target indicators, priority sectors and methods of State support. The main document of the second five-year plan is quite voluminous; therefore, we prepared a summary of the most important parts.        read more
Industrialization  Preserving and Multiplying
On June 12-13, the capital of Kazakhstan hosted 5th International Mining and Metallurgical Congress - Astana Mining & Metallurgy. During the Forum, the officials spoke about the tasks of the industry for the second five-year plan of industrialization, the miners and metallurgists shared their investment plans, and the foreign experts assessed the global situation in the commodity markets. Still, the keynote of the AMM - 2014 was the theme of innovation in the mining and metallurgical companies.        read more

Mechanical engineering   For Future Transit
The leading idea of the IX International Transport Conference TransEurasia - 2014, held in Astana, was making Kazakhstan as a main element of the Great Silk Road revival project. Some experts assure that our country has all the prospects to become a systematically important transit hub, in the future even at the intercontinental level.        read more

Forum   Second Round Again
Our country occupies 32nd place of 60 in the new competitiveness ranking, according to IMD version. For the time being, it is the highest result of Kazakhstan during all the time of its presence in the Lausanne ranking. Although we reached this level in 2012, the domestic economy can not repeat it again due to the range of fundamental infrastructural problems.        read more

Technical regulation   What to do to oppose global challenges
The 7th Astana Economic Forum took place in the capital of Kazakhstan in late May. This international event brought together about 10,000 participants, including representatives of public agencies from 143 UN member countries, also Nobel laureates, well-known politicians and economists. The key theme of the forum was to discuss the risks to the global economy and new sources of growth.        read more

Forum   FDI’s Life in Kazakhstan
Analysis of statistical data shows that the launch of the PAIID (Program of Accelerated Industrial and Innovative Development) definitely helped to attract foreign direct investment in the manufacturing sectors of the Kazakh economy. However, the policy of developing high-tech industries and services will require from the government the reconsideration of trade and investment policies. Otherwise, all our attempts to globally climb the value added chain will unlikely succeed.        read more

Council of foreign investors   Kazakhstan Has Become a Leader in Legislation Reforms in the CIS Region
Curtis Masters, the Director of the Kazakhstan office of Baker & McKenzie, answers the questions of Kazakhstan Business Magazine.        read more

Competitiveness   Kazakhstan between Two “Seas”
The government set a goal to turn Kazakhstan into a large logistics hub, connecting Europe as the largest consumer with Asia as the leading manufacturer, and even designated for this specific time frames. The Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhenis Kasymbek shares with our magazine what changes are expected in this regard in the transport and logistics sector.        read more

Research   Mineral production from 2000–2013: Reserves, production, investment
Leadership in proven reserves of priority types of mineral raw materials contributed to a high interest in the extracting projects of Kazakhstan among investors. However, the lack of replenishment of the on-balance reserves, observed in the last decade, can become a major obstacle to sustainable development of the domestic mining and metallurgy sector. Thus, the current task is to promote geological exploration, taking into account the transfer of advanced technologies and mineral resources development.        read more

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