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Grundfos. The Pumps We Choose
Over 50 years ago, in 1945, the late Poul Due Jensens established Bjerringbro Pressesteberi og Maskinfabrik (Bjerringbro Metallurgic and Machine Factory), which was a small enterprise at the time. Subsequently, the company was renamed several times, and only in 1967 did it change its name to Grundfos, which it still bears. Today, Grundfos is one of the world’s largest pump manufacturers. Grundfos operates in more than 60 countries around the world. The annual output of products manufactured by the company is about 10 million units including circulator, submersible and centrifugal pumps.
Grunfos came to Kazakhstan in 1992 when the local market was filled with high quality European products for heating, ventilation and air conditioning in dwelling houses, offices and hotels. The development of the mining and metallurgical industries in Kazakhstan promoted the company’s sales of industrial pumping equipment. It is worth mentioning that, besides pumps, Grundfos manufactures electric motors that are used in pump systems and for other purposes. In addition, the company develops and sells high technology equipment for electronic monitoring of pump operation.
In January 2002, a Grundfos representative office opened officially in Almaty. It has enabled the company to conduct market research, monitor markets in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, and coordinate current sales and equipment warranty and post-warranty service issues. Today, Grundfos offers a wide range of high quality pumping systems for irrigation and glasshouses, also for industrial and home use including heating systems for private houses and water supply systems for cities with multi-million populations.
One of the most important factors determining Grundfos’s successful activity in the market is a strong corporate culture with clear values, business guidelines and policies, stable economic expansion in the international market, and a responsible approach to humanitarian, social and environmental issues. Although pump manufacture is safe and does not adversely affect the environment, Grundfos’s products were certified as environmentally safe according to ISO 14002 in 1999. In addition, all subdivisions of the company have ISO-9001:2000 system international certificates of quality.
Another keystone of the company’s success is its open dialogue with all the enterprises that are striving for new solutions through the use of modern pumping equipment. In order to achieve this goal, the Grundfos representative office in Kazakhstan regularly holds pilot programmes and training seminars for all-comers.
An important index of the company’s product quality is the fact that Grundfos pumping equipment is used by Kazakhstan’s leading companies, such as Kazatomprom, HOP, Khimfarmzavod, Kazgermunai, KATKO JV, Hurricane Kumkol Munai, etc. Our experience of cooperation proves that Grundfos pumps enable tasks of any complexity to be solved, in practically in any production sector. A further advantage of Grundfos pumps is their long operating life. In addition, the company applies specially developed energy-efficient technologies, resulting in a considerable reduction in operating costs. Thus, analysis of a pump’s entire operating life shows that 71% of the costs are due to power expenses (taking account of the cost of power in Kazakhstan), 18% to initial expenses (i.e. purchase of the pump), and only 11% to operating costs.
The Grundfos representative office in Kazakhstan wishes to present the new NKS series pumps, as well as DW pumps, a new model in the APB series.
NKS Series
These pumps are designed for pumping chemically aggressive or neutral liquids, clean or with a low of solid particle content, also flammable liquids. The pumps are used in the chemical, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, the power and nuclear power industries, and in water management systems.
The following pump models are supplied, according to the area of application:
Standard: for operation under normal conditions.
Explosive environment: for pumping non-flammable liquids in explosive environments.
Flammable liquids: for pumping flammable liquids in explosive environments.
Pumps for the nuclear power industry: for secondary and primary circuits.
The NKS series includes pumps in 43 sizes, standardized according to EN 22858, ISO 2858, DIN 24256, ISO 5199, and PN 16. They are horizontal, single-stage, volute centrifugal pumps with axial motion and a radial outlet for the liquid being pumped (upward). An enclosed impeller with a sealing ring and rear relieving blades are overhung on the shaft, which is supported in a bearing bracket on rolling-contact bearings. The bearing bracket is connected to the hydraulic part of the pump by means of a lantern, which, together with the cover, forms a chamber allowing the space around the seal and behind the impeller to cool down or heat up. The pump design incorporates shaft sealing, preventing the shaft from becoming wet with the liquid being pumped (dry shaft design). The standard pump design incorporates electric motors with a flexible coupling and spacer. The pumps are supplied with standard electric motors or with internal combustion engines.
The pumps are manufactured from cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel and bronze.
NKS pumps are supplied as assembled units consisting of the pumping unit, the foundation plate, the coupling and the motor.
Operating Conditions
Flow area: 0.5 to 266 liters/sec
Total head range: 2.5 to 160 m
Operating speed: 1,450, 2,900, 1,750, and 3,500 rpm
Maximum operating pressure: 1.6 MPa (16 bars)
Operation temperature: -40°? to +180°?;
and up to +260°? for hot oils
Suction pipe DN: 50 to 300 mm
Discharge outlet DN: 32 to 250 mm
Solid particle content: up to 2% of the weight
Grain size: up to 0.5 mm
Pumped liquid density range: 600 to 1,900 kg/m3
Kinematic viscosity: up to 75 mm2/s
pH-value: 0-14
DW Submersible Pump of APB Type
The DW submersible pump with a vertical discharge nozzle and submersible three-phase electric motor of insulation class F (155°C) is designed for dewatering mines, tunnels, pits and construction sites.
A level switch is integrated in the frame cover. Two electrodes switch the pump on or off according to the water level in the frame.
The pump is equipped with a turning pressure nipple, and a cooling jacket to cool the motor with the liquid being pumped. The ball bearings are greased for life and do not require maintenance.
Double Sealing System.
The impeller is fixed between rubber parts. A rubber-coated plate above the impeller protects the bottom of the oil chamber against wear. The cooling jacket is also protected with a rubber liner. When the diffuser becomes worn, the anchor bolts can be unscrewed and the diffuser replaced.
The pump is supplied with a strainer, a carrying handle, and a 20 m cable.
The pump is equipped with a thermal switch in the stator windings. This switches the pump off at 130°C.
The stator frame and cooling jacket are made of aluminium according to DIN 1712:GA15:10Mg.
DW Pump Operating Parameters
Minimum liquid temperature: 0°C
Maximum liquid temperature: 40°C
Pump case material: aluminium
Impeller MATERIAL: 550HB chromium and nickel steel
Size of discharge outlet: R 6
Power input (P1): 1 to 22.5 kW
Mains power frequency: 50 Hz
Rated voltage: 1 x 230 V; 3 x 400 V
Starting mode: DOL, SD
Rated current: 4-40 A
Rated speed: 2,800 rpm
Enclosure class (IEC 34-5): 68
Insulation class (IEC 85): F
Grunfos, Almaty representative office
Kyz Zhybek Str., 5, Kok-Tobe-2 sub, 480020 Almaty,
Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel: +7 3272 506053/054, Fax: + 7 3272 645451

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