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 KAZAKHSTAN International Business Magazine №3, 2003
 Summary of the International Trade and Industry Fair Shanyrak-2003
Summary of the International Trade and Industry Fair Shanyrak-2003
September 2-5, 2003
The 3rd International Trade Industrial Fair Shanyrak-2003 was held from September 2nd to 5th 2003 in Almaty within the framework of the 28th Annual Meeting of the Islamic Development Bank Governors. Heads of 55 official delegations of the IDB member countries took part in the official opening ceremony, led by Ahmed Mohammed Ali, President of the Islamic Bank and Adilbek Zhaksybekov, Kazakhstan’s Minister of Industry and Trade, Chairman of the IDB Board of Governors.
63 companies from Kazakhstan and 49 foreign companies from 16 countries of the world took part in the fair. There were 50 craftsmen from Kazakhstan, Kyrghyzstan, Uzbekistan and Iran. The usable exposition area for exhibition covered 1250 ?2. The exhibition was visited by more than 2000 experts and Kazakh business representatives.
The exhibition was held on two thematic sections: the international section and a section devoted to the export opportunities of Kazakhstan.
The first was represented by the companies from IDB member countries, including Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Jordan, Iran, Kyrghyzstan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Palestine, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. The national exposition of Palestine, which was represented by 24 manufacturing companies of light industry, food and pharmaceutical industries, and products of veterinary and building sectors, was the largest one on the exhibition. The African country Burkina Faso, which is exotic for Kazakhstan, was represented by the Noomde company – the largest producer of tinned vegetable and fruits. The Central Anatolian Union of Exporters, representing interests of 7 thousand exporters of Turkey took part in the International Fair Shanyrak for the third time.
The section devoted to export opportunities of Kazakhstan was represented by expositions of the companies Kazmunaigaz, Prodkorporatzia, Kazakhtelecom, Air Astana, Kazakhstan TemirZholy, and Alliance Bank and the National Bank of Kazakhstan.
The second section of this sector was occupied by the expositions of all oblasts of Kazakhstan, and the cities of Astana and Almaty.
The Atyrau oblast was represented by the large companies Tengiz?hevroil, Atyrau Plant of Polyethylene Pipes and the Atyrau Oil and Gas Institute.
The multiline exposition of 11 enterprises form the Pavlodar oblast was interesting, and included the production of aluminium and electricity (Aluminium of Kazakhstan, Station EGRES-2), processing of agricultural products (RubiKom) and the manufacture of medical products (Pharmaceutical Company Romat).
The Karaganda oblast was represented by Ispat-Karmet, the largest metallurgical manufacture of Kazakhstan, the Nonferrous Metal Works from Balkhash, ??khol and Valuyt-Transit-Zoloto, the domestic manufacturer of gold jewellery.
Export opportunities of East Kazakhstan were shown by Serebryansk Factory of Inorganic Industries, Sogrinsk Machine-Building Factory, Semipalatinsk Factory of Asbestos-Cement Products.
The processing sector of the North Kazakhstan oblast was represented by Sultan Elevator Mill Macaroni Complex, Sultan Confectionery Products and Sharov V.N., the private enterprise on producing cooked meats.
From the Southern Kazakhstan oblast the companies KhimFarm, Shymkent Mai and Shymkent Beer took part in the fair.
All participants were granted Diplomas of the International Fair.
Within the framework of this event an extensive cultural performance was shown by the amateur talent groups of the national diasporas, the members of the Assembly of Kazakhstan Peoples. Thematic seminars were held on topical questions of international logistics.

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