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 KAZAKHSTAN International Business Magazine №1, 2006
 Distinguishing Features of the LogyCom Production Process
Distinguishing Features of the LogyCom Production Process
Kazakhstani PC users are already accustomed to buying computers that are assembled with components that they have chosen themselves or with the advice of experts. At the same time, an absolutely new system of PC production, breaking outdated standards, is now being implemented in Kazakhstan. It has allowed domestic PC producers to increase the quality of goods and services. We asked Pavel Raspopin, the head of LogyCom production department, to tell us about this system.
Currently, there are a lot of companies selling personal computers on the domestic market. It seems that they all function similarly: first, they purchase the components, and then they assemble computers of different capacities. What is the difference between this approach and that of LogyCom?
The key difference is in the culture of the PC production. How do you envision the process of assembling PCs in Almaty? Likely, you imagine one or more compact rooms crowded with a lot of boxes, and a dozen young people who assemble and put out new computers according to the orders of sales managers. But, you see, we do it differently. We have a system concept; our process is divided into several stages and takes more than 20 hours. Dozens of specialists with different qualifications take part in the LogyCom's computer assembly.
Do you mean that a whole industrial complex is in operation when you assemble your computers?
Exactly. LogyCom currently has all of the necessary conditions to achieve the best results in quality as well as in quantity of PCs assembled. It is a great industrial complex, in which a particular sequence of technical procedures is performed in special workshops. We have established separate departments for PC completion and assembly, three departments for testing, departments for quality control, a workshop for case production, and a packing department among others. It is merely about production process. Our staff is large, so we set up a canteen, amenity rooms, shower rooms, and so on. You can see, LogyCom is, in truth, a large, self-sufficient company.
Would you like to reveal the key stages of the LogyCom's computer production?
First, I would like to talk about the laboratory where we test all parcels containing components that we receive before they will be retailed or used for assembly. We have a special test-bench for testing the quality and compatibility of different samples before they leave our storeroom.
Now about the production: the first stage is to explore the IT market scrupulously, to determine consumers' expectations of the necessary technologies, their correlations with our requirements and many other factors. According to these data, we draw graphic charts and design PC models. Then, after analysis and coordination, our models are tested for the general compatibility of their components in the laboratory. After assembly, all computers operate under advanced load demand; we do not turn them off for several days. During this time, we test them under different operating systems because we know that the further computer owner can change its operating systems. Thus, these pre-sale tests ensure that the system will function properly regardless of operating system.
You see, the process of production begins only after all tests are completed, the best option is chosen, and the best decisions are made. Our coordination service determines the quantity of different models demanded in stores and offices, and then makes an order for production. Based on the order, we supply the demanded quantity of components to the completion department, where separate units are formed and packed in special anti-static containers, and then we inspect them for blemishes and scan all component numbers.
Another very important factor is the hard drive installation. Everyone knows that the installation of an operating system and software is a rather long-term process. We apply special equipment in order to shorten the installation process and accelerate the PC production process.
We assemble computers in the assembly line and drive them to the testing line. Here our specialists inspect them and run a very important experiment – electrosafety checking. It is a crucial procedure since the computer is a part of people’s corporate life and must be absolutely safe.
I will omit the details and talk only about the tests we run. We test separate components as well as the whole system. One of the tests is performed in the thermal chamber; there we test our computers for at least four hours. The more sophisticated the model, the more time we spend testing it. The chamber is operated by a computer system that controls the temperature, safety, and PC functioning.
The last operation is the final computer testing in which we analyse all of the results. Absolutely all of the information is stored in our database. It is a very important operation, providing us with the opportunity to obtain information about any computer we have assembled, including the serial number of any components, name of workers who assembled this computer, tests performed on this PC, and their results. This information is very important for high-quality, after-sale service. Sometime, PC users need this information too. Just imagine the following unusual situation in which some components were stolen or replaced. At any time, our client may retrieve this information via our database. Moreover, in the case of certain defects, we will be able to find the computer and replace the failed components.
Then, we destroy the process software we used during testing. Since we sell computers with license pre-installation software, we "close" the system, and after purchasing, the consumer may insert his/her personal data.
The final stage is packing. After peripheral devices are installed, we package our computers and attach all of the necessary documentation. We lay the packaged computers on the pallets and drive them to the store.
In short, it is all about our production cycle. Everything depends on the sophistication of the computer, but the average duration of computer assembly is one day.
And the last question: what is a distinguishing feature of LogyCom's computers that sets them apart from the computers of other local IT producers?
It is very difficult to compare computers, saying for example: "Our computers are the best, fastest, and most eye-catching." Most importantly, a computer must be of high quality and operate perfectly. In terms of appearance, each person has his or her own preferences. Thus, I think the distinguishing feature of any computer is its quality. And quality is precisely what we offer our clients.

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