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 KAZAKHSTAN International Business Magazine №3, 2006
 FantASIA Engineering: High-level Integrated Engineering
FantASIA Engineering: High-level Integrated Engineering
The FantASIA brand is known well throughout Kazakhstan. It is first and foremost associated with reliable, quality and comparatively cheap air conditioners, which have become very popular with many Kazakhs. Having operated in the local market of climatic equipment and devices for over a decade and claimed a leading position on it, FantASIA reached new a qualitative level of development and set up a subsidiary, FantASIA Engineering, two years ago. Relying on integrated engineering and using the knowledge and experience of its specialists, FantASIA Engineering has already commissioned a number of major sophisticated "ready-made" projects for Kazakh enterprises operating in various sectors of the economy. We asked Vyacheslav Medvedev, the head of FantASIA Engineering's production and technology department, to tell us about the company's achievements and give us specific details.
What aims were set out for FantASIA Engineering when it was set up, and how successful have they been?
FantASIA Engineering was set up to strengthen competitive advantages, to preserve positions already occupied and expand the range of services offered. The fantastic growth dynamics in the national building industry not only required us to reduce the terms and costs of work; clients also radically changed what they required of us and insisted on using more sophisticated, reliable hi-tech engineering systems. From the very beginning we formulated a clear strategy for development in the short- and long-term future, trying to eliminate possible risks and expand our presence in the market.
The company now offers its clients integrated engineering in the spheres of energy supply, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, water supply and sewage. FantASIA Engineering can design, supply and install equipment and carry out the testing and maintenance of sophisticated engineering systems. We have now commissioned 125 independently-functioning and sophisticated systems installed at industrial, administrative, public and residential buildings. We have equipped the Kargaly and Tengiz Towers housing complexes, the Derbes brewery workshop, the Tau Dastarkhan entertainment centre, the Yesik restaurant, the Abdi stationery shops, the Kazakhmys corporation, the GROS supermarket chain and others. FantASIA Engineering is proud that all of our clients were satisfied with the quality of our work.
Through the company's branches in 12 regional centres, we operate almost throughout Kazakhstan. At the same time, our specialists have an individual approach in each region and take into account the differences in climatic conditions.
How does FantASIA Engineering carry out "ready-made" projects?
First of all, a client orders a technical job. Then, FantASIA Engineering specialists examine the client's facility and draw conclusions about the state of its engineering systems. After that we prepare a commercial technical proposal to reconstruct existing systems or install new ones and design the ventilation and air conditioning systems, and a system to operate them. In addition, we offer multi-scenario design to find the best solution. After coordinating a project with the client and state bodies we start the final stage of our work, supplying the equipment and spare parts, installing and testing it, transferring technical documentation about the equipment to the client and training personnel in operating it.
Our company has accumulated significant experience in managing projects successfully, which have involved specialists from specialised subcontractors. However, FantASIA Engineering itself plans and monitors the course of the project and the budget, does the paperwork and manages the resources. This model of cooperation is convenient for both our clients and us: it saves both time and money.
I would like to stress that FantASIA Engineering has all the necessary state licences to design, install and test equipment, for example: we have a licence to build electric and heating networks and a licence to install, test, repair and serve fire protection equipment and systems.
What engineering solutions does your company use in its projects?
On the basis of the type of premises and client requirements, FantASIA Engineering offers various solutions to create engineering systems and a microclimate on the premises. For example, for air conditioning small offices, flats, cafes and shops it is best to install combined extract and input ventilation and split systems, multi-split systems, and cartridge or channel air conditioners with a flow of fresh air.
In restaurants, sport centres, supermarkets and administrative and residential buildings the company suggests that a combined system of air conditioning and ventilation should be installed: multi-zone freon systems and combined extract and input ventilation devicesor roof air conditioners.
In order to maintain comfortable conditions in multi-storey buildings the best option is to use systems consisting of chiller-fancoil and combined extract and input ventilation with fine filters for air and humidity maintenance.
The necessary conditions in premises with server and telecom stations are best created by precision air conditioners which are capable of maintaining the temperature and humidity any time of the year and ensuring the uninterrupted operation of equipment.
What are the most important criteria for FantASIA Engineering when choosing equipment and technology?
As a professional company we closely follow all technical innovations and modern trends in the climatic equipment industry.
Cooperation with the world's leading producers enables us to take an individual approach to each facility, choose the best equipment in technical and price terms and use non-standard solutions in calculating ventilation and air conditioning systems. This in turn minimises capital and service spending and reduces the risk of equipment breakdowns.
FantASIA Engineering prefers innovative engineering systems whose application makes it possible not only to cut a client's costs during installation and operation but also to preserve investment when these systems are upgraded over the whole period of operating a building.
Modern clients build long-term facilities and naturally want to use the most advanced technologies and engineering equipment. We try to satisfy the client's requirements, offering high levels of service.
Over the years it has been operating, FantASIA Engineering has earned recognition and become a business partner of many international producers of equipment and engineering systems, including: refrigerator producers York (the USA), Climaveneta (Italy), Uniflair (Italy); heating-equipment producers Veismann (Germany), Wolf (Germany), Sira Group (Italy), Aquatechnik (Italy), Sabiana (Italy); ventilation-equipment producers Systemair (Sweden), VTS-clima (Poland), S&P (Spain); automatics producers Sauter (Switzerland), Belimo (Switzerland) and others. Thanks to this cooperation, FantASIA Engineering has fast access to the databases of these producers and can quickly adopt new engineering systems and the training methods for operating the equipment.
What is the role of specialists' qualifications in integrated engineering?
Our business's development is impossible without a well-knit professional team. Given the complexity of modern climatic equipment and the need to constantly update product lines, it is not sufficient to be a multi-purpose company; we also need to be a specialised company, one which is constantly improving its level of professionalism. FantASIA Engineering now has one of the best teams of specialists in Kazakhstan in the sphere of creating engineering systems for buildings: project managers, designers, engineers, testers and assemblers.
Out of the company's staff – which is over 100 strong – about half have had extensive experience of working on engineering projects. Every year over 50 specialists undergo training and validation to operate new types of engineering systems. In addition, the company organises regular training courses directly in companies which produce climatic equipment, including York (the USA), Veismann (Germany) and others.
The guaranteed quality of the engineering equipment installed and the work carried out is the basis of FantASIA Engineering's strategy. We realise that trust is the main aspect in building long-term relations with clients and the continuation of cooperation is the best appraisal of our work.

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