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 KAZAKHSTAN International Business Magazine №3, 2006
 Oil and Gas Forum in Aktau.Business talks started at KIOGE continued
Oil and Gas Forum in Aktau  
Business talks started at KIOGE continued
The Mangystau regional exhibition "Mangystau Oil & Gas 2006", will take place in Aktau from October 26-28, 2006. This is the first international forum in Aktau, and it is organised by the Kazakh exhibition company Iteca LLP.  
About 50 companies from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Romania and the USA expressed their interest in participating in "Mangystau Oil & Gas 2006". The exposition will be held in the territory of "Astana" trade house, and the total area of the exhibition comes to 1,000 m2. The organisers estimated that not less than 2,000 professionals will visit the exhibition.   
Official support for the event is being provided by the administration of the region. Krymbek Kusherbayev, Akim of Mangystau oblast, in his welcome letter to the exhibitors and organisers noted, "I'm sure that this exhibition will not only allow Kazakhstan and international manufacturers to demonstrate their leading-edge technologies, but also to expand mutually beneficial cooperation between exhibitors and partners".  
According to data supplied by Kazakhstan Statistics Agency, in the first six months of 2006 Mangystay oblast took first place among the oil regions in Kazakhstan in terms of volumes of oil production – 10,260.3 thousand tonns, or 33.29% of the total volume of Kazakh oil production (8.4% growth compared to the same period last year). And, between January and July 2006 Kazakhstan produced a total of 30,816.6 thousand tonns of oil, 10.9% more than during the same period last year.
"The topicality of holding an oil and gas exposition in Aktau is explained by the dynamics of the economy of the region. Another reason for holding the exhibition was the willingness of our clients to develop their business here", said Akmaral Amirkhanova, Iteca Regional Director. "The expansion of the geographical borders of the exhibitions organised by Iteca is based on a solid foundation. Iteca recently added one more office, in Aktau city in the west of the country, to its current offices in Almaty, Astana, and Atyrau. – Therefore, an organisational infrastructure network is gradually being developed in the regions. There are no comparable networks in the Kazakhstan exposition business, neither in territory comprehensiveness nor in the speed of its construction".
Exhibitors at "Mangystau Oil & Gas 2006" also underline the importance of holding an oil and gas exhibition in Mangystau oblast organised by these famous and experienced organisers. 
Tursyn Medgululy, Deputy Director of Commerce, Marketing, and Quality, PMK machine building complex says, "We will present machinery for O&G production: drilling equipment, pumps, pumping units, and gas processing equipment. It is great that Aktau now has its own O&G exposition. We hope that products and services exhibitioned here will allow our company to apply the latest developments in the oil-and-gas sphere in our manufacturing process, and this will help us to improve the quality of our products and services".  
"As the Karazhanbasmunai company produces oil in Mangystau oblast we are particularly interested in this Exposition. We hope that the organisers will succeed in creating the same atmosphere as at KIOGE, where ITE/Iteca also act as the organizers. Our participation in the first "Mangystau Oil & Gas" exhibition will benefit the image of our company", said Irina Gavrilova, Leading PR and Mass Media Specialist, Karazhanbasmunai JSC. 
Key exhibitors include companies like Glass fibre plastic pipes plant  MangystauMunaiGas; Aktau fiberglass pipes plant; Mangystau plastic pipes factory; assorted oil-pipe producing plant Neftegastruba; shipbuilding yard Keppel Kazakhstan; metal construction plant Ersai Caspian Contractor. Myrzabek Altyn Tas Group; Ulutas; Karazhanbasmunai; ?aspian Industrial Gases (technical gas producers); RIG (electrical equipment suppliers); Atlas GIP (geophysical research); Firma Geosistema (geodesic equipment supply); and many other companies will have their stands at "Mangystau Oil & Gas 2006". 
Iteca LLP, the Kazakhstan company that is organizing the "Mangystau Oil & Gas 2006" exhibition, is a partner of the international exhibition company ITE Group Plc. At present, the oil-and-gas division of ITE Group Plc holds exhibitions and conferences in Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, Africa, and the Middle East. Iteca launched its first project in Kazakhstan in 1993, which was the international oil & gas exhibition and conference KIOGE-1993. Today this annual event is rightfully called the "Business card of Kazakhstan".

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