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 KAZAKHSTAN International Business Magazine №6, 2012
 Our Goal – to be Leader on best Customer Service

Our Goal – to be Leader on best Customer Service

Ozgur Gunaydin, General Director of the Borusan Makina Kazakhstan LLP FE

A year has passed since our last interview. What were the main achievements of the year for the Borusan Group, in general, and Borusan Makina Kazakhstan, in particular?

It was good year for us. We have accomplished several results. Rather than financial results we have strengthen our position in the market. We are market share leader in all territories that we are operating. Borusan Group selected as one of the most admired companies in 2012. As Borusan Makina Kazakhstan we have achieved significant awards. We have been selected most innovative company in Kazakhstan by American Chamber of Commerce. We have been awarded by Caterpillar as Gold Level Service Dealer which a global award.

As far as we know, in August your company organized “The best operator of the Сat machinery” competition among mining companies of Kazakhstan. Could you tell us about the goals of this competition in detail?

The goal of the competition, which Borusan Makina Kazakhstan organized jointly with our partner Bogatyr Coal LLC in honor of the Miner’s Day, was to support and demonstrate the professionalism of the operators which daily use the Cat machinery. The operators of the eight mining companies – Altyntau-Kokshetau, Varvarinskoye, Maikuben West, Vostochny Razrez, TNK Kazchrome, Zhairemsky Mining and Processing Works, with whom we cooperate, and the hosts of the site itself were invited to take part in it. Some 20 contestants participated in the competition, riding a dump truck 777D, grader 16M, and bulldozer D10T. The main criterion for judging was the time spent on various assignments and the compliance with the rules when fulfilling them. Also, the contestants had been asked questions in theory, and they answered, demonstrating their knowledge. For the competition purpose, the Bogatyr Coal Company used a site with the area of about a thousand square meters at the 200 meter depth of the North section.

Such competition was held for the first time in Kazakhstan and for the fourth time in the CIS. Meanwhile, in different parts of the world, where machinery of the Caterpillar Company is used for mining operations, the international competition Operator Challenge is held among the operators for many years. The competition in Kazakhstan became the first stage of preparation for this international competition.

In 2012 your company became the winner in“Best Innovative Achievements” nomination of AmCham Achievement Awards with the CRC On WEB project. What advantages did your customers receive as a result of its implementation?

Actually, the last award was Borusan Makina’s 3rd awards in the same category. The idea at initial phase was totally related with internal processes. We were aiming to follow up our processes from third eyes, find the problematic areas and work on improvements. While we were working on, we identified some other needs of our customers. We are mostly serving Mining Industry in CRC. And our customers located in different territories. Most of the time, it is not very possible for our customer to come over CRC and follows what’s going on with their equipment. By the help of this project, we planned to welcome our customers to CRC even they are hundred miles away. It is as simple as just a click. With the project, it is very easy and cost effective to come over CRC for our customer. They will only need a computer with internet access and access code which identifies customer and components relations. Also project solutions are an invaluable tool to depict the internal AS-IS processes for further improvements in CRC and better serving our Customers.

Under the Forced Industrial and Innovative Development program, large-scale projects of infrastructure and industrial construction are under implementation today in Kazakhstan. In this regard, in what way is cooperation between Borusan Makina Kazakhstan and construction companies developing?

Construction companies are one of the pillars of the industrial program implementation, since the pace and quality of the works carried out by them at the sites add to the further success of the program and the economic benefits of every region of the country. Offering first-class machinery to the builders for high-quality implementation of projects, we are also trying to help our partners to maximize their performance. This is done by introducing new technologies for better work performance; more integrate support for timely response in case of failures, increase of TRC (technical readiness coefficient) of Caterpillar’s machinery, and increase of warehouse stocks to accelerate the delivery of spare parts. Very often, we try to bring an innovative approach to construction operations, helping our customers make a decision about the use of new machinery and machine systems, and sometimes new construction technologies.

On the other hand, we made a direct contribution to the FIID program by investing own funds in construction of the Caterpillar Components Rebuild Center, which is the only center of its kind in the CIS and Mongolia. Now, the latest high technologies from Caterpillar for rebuild of units and devices are also available in Kazakhstan. Today, the Components Rebuild Center employs nearly two hundred of the Kazakhstani workers, allows construction companies to save their money for the repair of machinery, and in the near future will give us the possibility to offer the services to the neighboring countries, and so proudly bear the title of a socially responsible member of the business community. Thus, every Caterpillar’s machine, working on infrastructure projects in Kazakhstan, offers us an even greater possibility to reinvest funds into the economy and to increase this potential.

As you know, our country pursues the policy of energy saving and raising the energy and ecological efficiency of the economy. What innovative solutions is your company ready to offer in the field of power generation systems?

We are active about energy saving in Petroleum and Energy segments. In Petroleum, we are replacing the site electric drive pumps to gas engine drive pumps. In this case, it prevents the diesel generator use for the electric pumps. Also the generators are using field gas, therefore preventing disposing of environmentally harmful gases. We will start to sale, dual fuel petroleum engines. The engines are working with diesel for drilling. After, reach to gas reserve, it’s starting to work with site gas.

In Energy, we are providing turnkey energy solution for hotels, factories, residents… The systems are providing electricity, heating and cooling from natural gas. Thus, it’s reducing the energy costs with high efficient energy production.

What solutions that need to be implemented you would call a priority for Borusan Makina Kazakhstan for the next year?

We are a company who is always on customer service. We will be continued to be leader on best customer service. Therefore, we will continue to invest on that area. We will improve our capabilities and capabilities to strengthen further. Also Borusan Makina Kazakhstan is known as most innovative company in Kazakhstan and we will continue to be by looking further process and service improvements.

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