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 KAZAKHSTAN International Business Magazine №3, 2012

Eurasian Vision of Global Problems

In late May, Astana became again a meeting place for representatives of the political, business and scientific elite, the center of discussion of problems and prospects of global economic transformation. Some 8,000 delegates from more than 90 countries, including eleven Nobel laureates, four participants of the global rating "A Hundred Thinkers of Our Time," also current and former heads of the states and governments, and heads of international organizations and regional associations arrived in Astana for the Fifth Astana Economic Forum (AEF). Taking into account the scope and scale of the considered topics, we can state today that the dialogue platform of the AEF has no analogue throughout the Eurasian region.


Investors and the State: to Revive the Silk Road

The 25th plenary session of the Foreign Investors’ Council chaired by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan that took place on May 22 in Astana addressed the development of Kazakhstan as an international trade, logistics, business and financial hub. In his speech at the event, the President had urged the transnational corporations to actively participate in the New Silk Road megaproject, and in response the foreign investors presented their vision of the given initiative.


We Are Implementing the Plans and Will Go Forward

Kazakhstan’s First Vice-Minister of Industry and New Technologies, Albert Rau, answers questions from the Kazakhstan magazine.

Miners and metallurgists set high rates

In 2011 the mining industry of Kazakhstan showed a positive dynamics in almost all the indicators. Compared with the previous year, the total production volume increased by 1.3% to $10,056 billion tenge, from which 798.3 billion tenge represent the extraction of metal ores. Metallurgy also showed steady growth with its present share of over 42.4% from the total volume of processing industry in our country


Kazgeologiya will insure the national interests

Geological industry is a basic sector in the economy of Kazakhstan and at present the country’s leaders pay a special attention to its development. This is confirmed by the order of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev on establishment of the National Company Kazgeologiya, which shall protect the interests of the state in the optimal development of the subsoil and the formation of mineral stock for the future generations. Mr. Bulat Uzhkenov, Chairman of the Board, JSC Kazgeologiya tells the readers of our magazine about plans of geology development in Kazakhstan.


Mining and metallurgical complex: problems, solutions, prospects

Prior to the III International Mining and Metallurgy Congress – Astana Mining & Metallurgy, we asked the executives of several leading companies that supported the AMM'2012 event, to answer the questions of our traditional quiz.


Golden assets of our Republic

Against the background of international experts’ expectations of restoring the “safe harbour” status for gold, the Kazakhstan’s Government intends to legally fix the state’s priority to acquire the fine gold in order to replenish the gold reserves of the country. At the same time the National Bank, is already actively expanding their gold reserves, without waiting for innovations at the legislative level.


Mineral Resources Exploitation 2000–2011: Reserves, Production, and Investment

Mineral resources management and exploitation is the foundation of the social and economic development of Kazakhstan and remains one of the most attractive areas for investment. Total investment in production of various minerals in the last 12 years exceeded $200 billion; however the intensive operation of the existing fields by the mineral producers requires the strengthening of the role of the state in advanced study of mineral resources.


Iteca: Strengthening a Leading Position

Iteca, the international exhibitions company, is the organiser of the Astana Mining and Metallurgy congress. Yuri Borodikhin, Iteca’s General Director, told us a little about the event.

Right for pipe

Proceeding to the projects of large-scale gasification in Kazakhstan, the Government intends to strengthen at the legislative level the State’spriority to participate in the projects of oil and gas pipelines construction, regardless of their ownership type.

Let’s count banks when autumn comes?
It seems that the bankers took an information break during the season of vacations and left the main business issues for the end of summer. In these circumstances, the public financiers, representing the Samruk-Kazyna Sovereign Welfare Fund and the National Bank took the role of the main newsmakers. Judging by their words and actions, the number of players in the Kazakhstan’s banking market may be somewhat reduced by the beginning of autumn.

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